Creativity is embedded in everything we do.
Our team comes with a mix of vibrant personalities who invent and innovate.





EQ is a team of hybrid creatives eager to reinvent the way stories are told. We create multisensory experiences to engage the mind and stir conversation, using a storytelling approach that cultivates each brand's cultural influence.


EQ was founded on four core values:
Innovation — We are not content until we move the needle in every industry we tackle.
Authenticity — We remain true to ourselves and our partners no matter the circumstance.
Empowerment — Our network of partners and peers allows us to be a stronger team.
Social Awareness — We imbue each project with a community-angle wherever possible.


To further our belief that creativity belongs to one and all, we envision EQ as an educational platform and creative collective for the greater good. We strive to bring the community into our projects, empowering creative souls to realize their visions, both online and offline.


EQ brings together minds from across the creative spectrum in building the next great brand. Our team consists of researchers, strategists, graphic designers, photographers and writers — as well as the odd sun-seeker and wine lover.

“We elevate brands. Rather than simply adding to the noise, we aim to cut through it.”

Creative Director, Marketer & Founder


Recently featured in Harper's Bazaar,speaker at Artbiz Forum,guest onMorning Macam TV and Macan Radio FM1007.Creative Branding advocate,marketingexpert,UK-educated,and a graduate of psychology.

With extensive experience in working with brands ranging from non-profitorganizations to multinationals,Manday has led marketing strategy,brand creationand cutting-edge campaigns for the likes of UNESCO,Paramount Hollywood,Cartier,Dior,Moncler,Bottega Veneta and more.


Recently featured in Harper's Bazaar, speaker at Artbiz Forum, guest on Morning Macau TV and Macau Radio FM1007. Creative Branding advocate, marketing expert, U.K.-educated and a graduate of psychology.

With extensive experience working with brands ranging from non-profit organizations to multinationals, Mandy has led strategy, brand creation and cutting-edge campaigns for the likes of UNESCO, Paramount Hollywood, Cartier, Dior, Moncler, Bottega Veneta and more.

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