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Modern Brands Need Modern Marketing Solutions

by Mandy Pao

Why are some brands great at marketing and others not? Marketing is both an art and a science — you need good instincts and good logic. But is there a formula, a cheat-sheet? We believe there is. Take a look at some of our insights below. We'll start by addressing the challenges.


1. Standing Out From The Crowd

Technology is a double-edged sword. While it’s allowed them to show up in a hundred different places and provide new offerings for customers, it’s also made it difficult for brands to stand out. There’s simply too much noise. Here’s a statistic: consumers and businesses today see approximately 4,000 - 10,000 ads per day, in case you’re wondering why you dread seeing ads.

This is a huge problem that begs to answer the big question: how do you stand out from the crowd?

2. Data:Your Best and Worst Enemy

One of the answers to the big question is data. 

You should only keep track of data that is relevant and essential, disregard anything else. Data tracking can be time-consuming, so you should only use it to develop strategies that will help you reach your business targets.

The trick lies in being able to interpret the data and producing good strategies.

Oftentimes, you’ll have to think outside the box and do things your competitors aren’t doing, and data will let you know whether you’re heading in the right direction.

You need a system that will pull all the data in the most efficient way, and then produce strategies based around them. Hiring a creative marketing agency is a great way to get those things done.

3. Maintaining a Steady Flow of Competitive Content

Our world is becoming more and more content-driven. Content marketing has grown to be a necessary component of any business, so much that it can either make or break you — everything from SEO to the images on your website. 

But in this day and age, coming up with exciting and original content is a full-time commitment. Having a creative marketing agency by your side offering strategies and producing content will put your brand ahead of the competition.

4. Lack of Knowledge and Expertise When It Comes to Modern Marketing Tactics

What does the word “marketing” really mean? The word itself is vague, but recent technology has diluted the meaning even more. So let’s get our definitions straight.

“Marketing” according to Oxford Languages: “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

As a modern marketer, you have to be prepared to do anything and everything to get your brand in the minds of your customers. There are really no hard and fast rules, which makes marketing equally creative and challenging. 

You do, however, need to know the fundamentals of marketing, which many businesses lack today. Firstly, a marketer needs technical expertise. It’s very difficult to make decisions if you don’t know how the technology works. The next step is having core analytical skills. You’ll find that a university-level background in data analysis is highly useful in helping you make sound decisions. A creative and marketing agency checks all these fundamental boxes.

5. Getting ROI For Marketing Activities

One of the challenges marketers face is being able to track ROI. Brands need to know how effective campaigns have been. Fortunately, technology has made it easier to measure it all. A good marketing agency will help you track metrics and historical data so you can demonstrate the effectiveness of your strategies. This will help you work out the budgets you need for the next cycle.

A good marketing agency also helps bridge communications between marketing and sales functions of a business, taking ownership of any marketing efforts.


Most senior leaders understand that marketing evolves, but they find it difficult to adapt. Many seniors place too much emphasis on campaigns and fail to update their marketing models (see the EQ Method below). We’ve found that putting together a visual model gives leaders a better idea of how targeted their action plans will be to the consumer and whether they’ve missed anything crucial.

Below is a table by McKinsey that lists outs what modern customers desire


  1. Brand Integrity: Consumers care a great deal of a brand’s integrity: how true and consistent a brand is to their core values and offerings. Is the brand ethical? Does it deliver what it promises? Integrity helps build trust with the consumer and directly affects their purchasing behaviors
  2. Customers today are much smarter and more educated than ever. They will compare your brand with a handful of others before arriving at yours, do a full background check on your brand and read customer reviews wherever they can. So brands should care about the customer experience; a big chunk of that would be your brand’s approach, or lack thereof, to customer service.
  3. Omni-Channel Experience: The customer journey is becoming more and more streamlined. Brands have to make sure that customers see and feel the same brand on Instagram as your website or your physical store. This is because most customers today will scan through many of your channels arriving at checkout and completing the purchase.
  4. Innovation: Especially in the wake of the global pandemic, most customers expect brands to accelerate digital initiatives. So far, the brands that have experienced the most success have been able to solve problems and fulfill desires of customers.


Designed to help grow your brand and establish its competitive edge. The EQ Method is a holistic approach to brand-building that ensures every action is tactful and creates lasting results.
We’ve identified three key ingredients to building a successful business:

1. Strategy: We dig deep to identify the root of pain points in brands, offering a structured, results-driven strategy aimed at elevating your brand.

2. Branding: Crafting a visual and verbal brand identity that your target consumers will remember and connect with.

3. Marketing: Bridging on and offline experiences, our cross-channel marketing delivers lasting results, while guiding you in building an impactful brand.


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