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Embracing Lifestyle Businesses in 2024: Crafting Your Path to Freedom and Flexible Work

Are you exhausted by the conventional 9-5 grind, or even worse, the 24/7 of entrepreneurship? Are you yearning to mold a business around your dream lifestyle? One where you can live aligned with your values? Live by your definition of success.  If so, the concept of a lifestyle business might be your ideal venture.

This is exactly what I achieved in 2023:

✅ I worked less

✅ tripled my income

✅ lived a life aligned with my values

✅ I can take every Friday off to focus on my personal development

✅ I frequently work out of Bali!

Now, I am bringing this method of freedom and flexibility to you! With The Aligned Entrepreneurs platform, I teach entrepreneurs how to work less, gain freedom and live with their values and purpose. If you’re keen to learn more, you can join my upcoming 6-Figure Freedom Formula Coaching program. It is designed for entrepreneurs who value peer support and aim to work smarter, increase their income, gain freedom, and align their businesses with their personal values and lifestyle goals, all within a community of like-minded individuals.

What is a Lifestyle Business?

In essence, a lifestyle business tailors its existence to support the owner's life rather than focusing solely on expansion and profits. It prioritises personal freedom, flexibility, and work-life balance, orbiting around the owner's passions and interests, fashioning a business that harmonizes with their unique lifestyle aspirations. Lifestyle businesses offer advantages over traditional startups, providing flexibility, freedom, and value alignment.

  • Flexibility: You’re in control of your work schedule, which means you can put as much or as little time into the business as you want. Work for an hour a day, or ten hours; so long as you meet the requirements to cover your costs, it’s up to you.
  • Freedom: As a lifestyle entrepreneur you’re no longer answering to a manager or HR department. You get to be your boss, which means you’re in control of when, where, and how you work.
  • Value Alignment: A lifestyle business is all about aligning your work with your values. It allows you to prioritize what truly matters to you, such as spending more time with family, pursuing hobbies or sports, and travelling without corporate constraints. By focusing on happiness, well-being, and personal fulfilment instead of solely chasing profits, a lifestyle business enables you to reduce stress and improve your overall health and wellness.

Essential Techniques for Successfully Running a Lifestyle Business

Running a lifestyle business, especially one that is aligned with your values, involves employing specific skills and implementing effective strategies that prioritize creating a business that aligns with your desired lifestyle. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  1. Systemisation: Attain freedom by implementing systemisation techniques that streamline your business operations. For example, how to set up a System of Procedures (SOPs) to ensure that things are standardised and easy to follow, thereby increasing your efficiency and allowing you greater freedom. For more information about how to set up your systems, check out our upcoming 6-Figure Freedom Formula Coaching program. In this short and sweet two-month-long program, I will be sharing all the systems I have built that allowed me to triple my income and travel freely.  

  2. Reduce overhead costs:  By focusing on what truly matters, i.e. your main offerings, you can reduce costs to maximise profitability. For example, work from home to reduce both office rent and transportation costs. Additionally, by hiring talent globally, you can take advantage and find exceptional individuals at affordable rates.
  3. Delegate: Outsourcing mundane or unfamiliar tasks to external resources, allows you to concentrate on core business activities as well as focusing on tasks that bring you joy. For example, delegating tasks such as admin or accounting to a virtual assistant or a freelancer can help minimise your workload
  4. Time management: Enhance your work-life balance by implementing efficient time management and flexibility in your business operations. For example, if you time block your calendar based on outcomes, you can achieve more in less time. I block out not just hours but my days out in terms of work. So on Mondays and Thursdays, I do focused work such as planning, brainstorming and creating content. I use Tuesdays and Wednesdays for meetings with clients and internal stakeholders. My Fridays are my personal days, where depending on energy levels, I work on some personal development, learning, or just enjoy time with my family.
  5. Productise: Transform your offerings into products that can be created once and sold repeatedly, ensuring a steady income stream. For example, if you create a booklet helping a client with best practices, standardise that and sell it on your website as a DIY tool.

By incorporating these fundamental techniques into your lifestyle business, you can optimize its success and create a fulfilling work-life integration.


1. What is a lifestyle business?

A lifestyle business is a type of business that is built around an individual's desired lifestyle. It prioritizes personal goals and work-life balance, allowing entrepreneurs to have more flexibility and freedom in their work.

2. Why should I consider embracing a lifestyle business in 2024?

Embracing a lifestyle business in 2024 offers the opportunity to craft your path to freedom and flexible work. It allows you to align your business with your desired lifestyle, providing a unique entrepreneurial journey that supports your personal goals and work-life balance.

3. How can I learn more about crafting my own lifestyle business?

To learn more about crafting your own lifestyle business, I invite you to join my upcoming 6-Figure Freedom Formula Coaching program. In this program, we will go into the step-by-step details of creating a business. It offers a comprehensive guide to conscious brand building, supported by experts from various fields and a community on the same journey, ensuring a well-rounded approach to both lifestyle and business development.


Embracing lifestyle businesses in 2024 offers the opportunity to craft a path to freedom, flexibility, and fulfilling work. These businesses align with desired lifestyles, provide financial stability, and support work-life balance. By adapting to evolving consumer trends, entrepreneurs can create businesses that enrich and align with personal values.

And for those who are truly ready to elevate their aspirations to unprecedented heights, check out my exclusive 6-Figure Freedom Formula Coaching program. This program will guide you meticulously through the intricate steps of building a successful business, empowering you to work smarter, increase your income, gain freedom, and align your businesses with your values and lifestyle goals, all within a community of like-minded individuals.

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