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EQ x Tatler Gen.T: How These 3 Leading Creatives and Entrepreneurs Are Advancing Their Industries

by Owen Turner

Over the past couple of months, through our new partnership with Tatler Gen.T – the leading voice for Hong Kong’s entrepreneurs and creatives – we’ve been lucky enough to hear from some of the brightest minds that are pushing their industries forward.

With this specially curated interview series, we spotlight the friends of EQ and the creative endeavours they’ve been pursuing. By allowing creatives to express themselves fully and authentically, we hope to familiarise ourselves with new ways of thinking as well as gain insight into some of the most brilliant minds we know.

From interviewing established artists to creative directors and entrepreneurs, here’s a quick roundup of the advice and insights they shared.

Ben Gorham: How Byredo Connects with Millenials and Gen Z 🤝

Ben Gorham is the founder of luxury brand Byredo. What initially began as a side project creating scented candles more than 15 years ago, Byredo has since grown into a renowned luxury brand with a collection of products, scents and objects that let people express themselves. His unique approach focuses on evoking memories and emotions through scents.

With a presence in over 40 markets worldwide, Byredo is gaining popularity amongst younger consumers for it’s authentic, non-dictatorial approach to product development. We sat down with Gorham to learn about his motivations and why his brand is taking off amongst Gen Z and Millennial consumers. 

Read the full interview on Tatler now.

Simon Birch: Lessons From an Artist on Hustling, Failing, and Being Realistic 🖌

Simon Birch is a British-born, Hong Kong-based artist and creative entrepreneur. Born and raised during England's industrial revolution with no formal schooling, Birch has worked many odd jobs throughout his life. From working as a factory worker, bouncer, and construction worker to throwing and promoting his own parties in the UK, he had no idea that these early life experiences would mold him into the creative entrepreneur he is today.

More recently, Birch launched The 14th Factory, a highly coveted immersive art installation in an industrial warehouse on the outskirts of Los Angeles in 2017. He’s currently building a 250,000-sq ft plan of The 14th Factory in Hong Kong. 

We sat down with Birch to talk about his hustle and the challenges he’s faced in becoming the creative entrepreneur he is today. Read the full interview on Tatler here.

John Koay: How Effective Leadership Starts with Good Communication 🗣

John Koay is a Hong Kong-born Kiwi currently serving as the regional executive creative director of global public relations and marketing consultancy firm Edelman. At the ripe age of just 31, he returned to Hong Kong in 2013 to become Ogilvy’s creative director. After eight and a half years there, he left as executive creative director and now is leading the creative team at Edelman, covering Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. 

Koay and his team have worked with the likes of KFC and Pizza Hut to develop groundbreaking campaigns. Not only is it his creativity that keeps clients coming back for more, but after speaking with him we realised that communication is undoubtedly one of his best qualities. 

We picked his brains on how to master communication. Head over to Tatler to read the full interview now. 

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