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5 Books to Read Before Your Big Rebranding

by Gavin Yeung

Rebranding your company is a major undertaking in any situation, so it pays to be informed on the creative process. This means being on the same page and speaking the same creative language as the writers, photographers, branding executives and graphic designers you will inevitably enlist to build your vision. Brush up on your knowledge before taking the leap with these 5 essential books that will take you through the creative and rebranding process, and through whatever challenges lie beyond. 

1. Building a Story Brand

by Donald Miller

Full of fresh ideas and insights for novice and expert copywriters alike, this book is a succinct primer for those looking to write your own copy for your website or marketing material, or to evaluate the copy that other people do for you. Offering an explanation of Donald Miller's story framework for use in business, this read breaks down the universal need to consume stories, and the attention your audience will pay you if you do it right. Find out more.

2. It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be

by Paul Arden

A modern classic written by the former executive creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi during its heyday, this book was written for advertisers, designers and marketeers; but in reality the wisdom in the book is applicable to anyone who wants to succeed. Full of tips on applying creativity across business, work and life in general, the book communicates with much humor, wit and deep meaning. Laid out in a quirky manner with fun illustrations, this book works best as a reminder for why creativity is a pursuit that should be practised from morning to night. Find out more.

3. B Magazine

Founded in 2011, Seoul-based Magazine B dedicates each issue to a deep-dive into a brand that has had a deep influence on our lives. From Monocle and Soho House to Rapha and Blue Bottle Coffee, each issue is completely ad-free and provides a considered appraisal of each subject. B is a must-read magazine for those looking to analyse the best marketing and branding efforts globally, and makes for a great collectible, too. Find out more.

4. Platform: The Art and Science of Personal Branding

by Cynthia Johnson

In this day and age, personal branding is critical to connecting with your audience, making your voice heard and creating lasting impact. A must-read primer on personal branding in the age of social media, Platform distills branding into something that is both conceptually clear and a practice that individuals can execute every day. Read this book for actionable advice that is relatable, succinct, clear, and strung together with playful anecdotes that provide effective insights in what it takes to have a chance at replicating or building your own social branding success story. Find out more.

5. Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities

by David Airey

Perfect for the budding graphic designer, Logo Design Love not only discusses applications to utilise in workflows pertaining to the development of successful logo work, but offers many other additional tips for any practicing designer outside of the artwork. From working with clients, stories of successes and failures to learn from, and case studies showing the process of specific real-time cases, this read is a great place to start to learn about brand identity design for your own company, starting from the logo up. Find out more.

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