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The Best Superbowl Ads of 2022

by Charlie Zhang

Even if you didn’t tune into this year’s Super Bowl LVI, you probably still saw a Big Game ad. That’s because Super Bowl ads are so good they go beyond their prime time spots and spill into mainstream media.

Amid celebrities, the metaverse, heavy product placements, this year’s ads seemed to share a recurring theme: keep things fun and light. Marketers likely planned this approach as a response to the mental toll of the global pandemic. What we got was a pretty amusing and creative lineup of commercials that sparked humor and excitement.

From Squarespace to McDonald’s, we run through some of our favorite Super Bowl ads of 2022.

👨 5. Squarespace: “Sally’s Seashells” 👩

Directed by film luminary Edgar Wright, Squarespace’s spot stars Zendaya and a surprise appearance by rapper Andre 3000. There’s plenty of good copywriting and fun choreography that made this ad thoroughly enjoyable.

🥔 4. Lay’s: “Golden Memories” 🥔

In this ad, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen share a bag of Lay’s, and a handful of memories, moments before Rogen’s wedding ceremony. The awkward chemistry between Rudd and Rogen makes you wonder whether they have a thing for each other or if they’re just really good friends, which makes for some pretty good laughs.

🚗 3. Uber Eats: “Uber Don’t Eats” 🚗

Uber Eats definitely delivered on this ad. To show people they’re now delivering more than just food, a number of celebrities, and ordinary people, are seen heartily digging into non-food items like dishwash, diapers, kitty litter and more. Gwenyth Paltrow chomps down on a vagina candle, Trevor Noah eats a pencil. Hopefully, Uber Eats’ warnings to not actually eat the products work, but we won’t blame you if you try. 

📀 2. Coinbase: “QR Code” 📀

No actors. No scenes. No backgrounds. No branding. No dialogue. Just a QR code. Coinbase’s Super Bowl ad was unlike any other. Modeled after the old color-changing DVD screensavers, the ad showed a simple QR code bouncing around a black screen. Accompanied by ‘90s-inspired gaming music, the ad ran for a leisurely 60 seconds, prompting many of us to whip out our phones and scan to find out what the hell we were looking at.

🍟 1. McDonald’s: “Can I Get Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” 🍟

What do we say before making our orders at McDonald’s? “Can I get uhhhhhhhhhhh…” was the slogan for this year’s McDonald’s ad. The brains behind this 30-second spot, Wieden + Kennedy recognized that McDonald’s branding was already so strong they didn’t need to present the product, choosing instead to create an emotional cue. Check out Kanye West trying to order his. 


All in all, this year’s ads taught us a few things

✨ Keeping things light can be uplifting
🔥 Creative ads can go viral
🔘 Nostalgia is engaging

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