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Top 3 Branding Worksheets For DIY Brand-Building [+ Free Workbook]

by Owen Turner

The brands that become a part of our daily lives do not just happen by mistake. The people behind these successful brands have intentionally crafted them to occupy a place in our hearts and minds so that we remember them when we’re faced with purchasing decisions. 

But, beyond the eye-catching logo or striking packaging design is a strong brand substance that was deliberately created with us in mind. And in a marketplace where consumers are gravitating towards brands with shared values, now is the time to start thinking deeply about the purpose and substance behind your brand.

To help you do this, we’ve researched and reviewed the top 3 branding worksheets that guide you through a proven process and framework for building your brand.

What Is a Branding Worksheet?

As different people have different strategies for building a brand, a branding worksheet can come in many different forms. Whether it’s a downloadable PDF or an online quiz - they are all designed to help you peel back the layers to discover your brand’s substance. We’d recommend trying a few different tools until you find the one that works best for your brand, business or industry.

How To Use a Branding Worksheet

Many branding agencies (like us) will usually conduct a workshop where we’ll take a client through our unique brand-building method. This usually includes many different worksheets that we’ll help our client complete. However, if you’re just getting started on your brand-building journey, we’d recommend trying it out by yourself first before spending money with an experienced agency. 

Listed below are the best ones we’ve used to build many successful brands.

Best Worksheets for Branding Your Business

1. Ebaq Design - Brand Strategy Worksheet 

This brand strategy framework by Arek Dvornechcuck is a treasure trove of useful tools and frameworks. His brand strategy framework one-pager helps you distill all of your ideas onto one canvas so you can clearly see how your brand core, positioning and persona all relate with each other. Most brands fail because they skip this crucial step and instead focus on visuals and aesthetics before substance.

2. Tech Stars - Brand Your Business Worksheet 

Techstars is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and startups grow. Their branding worksheet comes in the form of a webpage with exercises for you to complete. By the end of it, you’ll have created a solid strategy that you can download in PDF format. It also includes a useful “brand identity map” to help connect the dots between your brand strategy and visual identity.

3. Eloquence International - Brand Core Workbook

Last but not least, we recommend trying out our brand core workbook. We’ve compiled our years of brand building experience into this digestable PDF resource to give to you for free. We use these exact exercises outlined in the workbook to help guide our clients through their brand-building journey. At the end of it, you’ll have a solid understanding of your brand substance and steps you need to take to go from concept to execution.

Click here to download your free brand core workbook.

If you get stuck at any point, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love hearing from passionate entrepreneurs that want to build an impactful brand with lasting results. Over a quick 30-minute consultation, we’ll listen to your needs, helping you to figure out exactly what you need to do to build your brand into a success story. 

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