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Trend Forecasting: How Entrepreneurs Can Improve their Wellbeing and Mental Health in 2023

by Yy Chan

The hardest of COVID-19 times have passed, and talks about being back to “normal” can often be heard at office meetings, dinner parties, and casual hangouts with friends. 

Under the guise of this new “normal,” mental health seems to have taken a backseat again. The mix of 21-day quarantines, isolation procedures, and work from home policies have been so draining; and we’re ready to say – please, let’s just move on. 

But are we really ready to move on?  

In this edition of EQ Trendroom, we are taking the time to slow down, and suggest intentional ways for entrepreneurs to improve their wellbeing and mental health. 

Entrepreneurs: We Feel You, and We Want Better for You 💆

From paying an overhead, to building trust within your team, to making tough decisions, an entrepreneur’s list of responsibilities is demanding in every way. A study out of UC Berkeley shows that an astonishing 72% of entrepreneurs struggle with mental health. With close to doubled levels of stress and anxiety during the pandemic, that percentage has more than likely increased in 2022.  

When things get tough, entrepreneurs tend to deal with it counterintuitively – they work even harder. Internalised industry cultures, such as the familiar “fake it till you make it,” has made burnout part of the norm. What often goes under the radar is the fact that burnout is a repetitive stress injury, causing brain damage visible on an FMRI.

That’s why here at EQ, we firmly believe that prioritising mental health is your best business strategy. 

Your Best Business Strategy: Steps to Prioritise your Mental Health 🧠

As big fans of natural health care, we are sharing our favourite tools – some just a few-minutes walk away from your office in Central – where you could begin your journey of wellness in Hong Kong. Here’s what your day could look like. 

Othership: Best App for Breathwork 😮💨

Right as you wake up, tune into Othership, a breathwork app that allows you to connect with and regulate your emotions. Offering a thoughtfully curated list of music, Othership diverges from the generic “soothing music” on other guided meditation apps. You’ll be able to choose music based on your mood and better concentrate on your mind and body. While the soundscapes are playing, top breathwork facilitators come in to make sure you are actively present throughout your journey. With over 500 unique classes and an interconnected global community, you’ll be sure to find what fits you and enjoy a refreshing start to your day. 

Meditation. Courtesy of Othership. 

The Gym: Move Your Body with Professional Athletes 🏋️♂️ 

Grab your bag and head to The Gym. Although its name may suggest otherwise, The Gym is not your regular gym. Understanding that there is no one size-fits-all, The Gym’s top-notch coaches are all ex-athletes who tailor each programme to your personal goals, body composition, and individual needs. Co-owned by Hong Kong Medal-of-Honor-winning rugby players Lee Jones and Ben Rimene, this premier boutique training studio understands the full picture to get you on track. 


Personal training session. Courtesy of The Gym. 

Pathfolk: Get Better Together 🤝

You’re back at the office, and the first thing on your agenda is a team meeting with Pathfolk. Wellness can sometimes feel like a solo excursion. Pathfolk understands this struggle, especially under the context of the pandemic, and creates customised workshops that foster connection among team members.

Led by certified corporate wellness specialist Molly Leis Cornelius, Pathfolk has over 20 years of experience. Sign up for Pathfolk’s signature alignment programme, and cultivate clarity and purpose through a deeper understanding of your personal and professional needs. 

Team embrace. Courtesy of Pathfolk. 

Atlas: Holistic Chiropractic Care 🧬

With back-to-back meetings, you didn’t even realise the back pain from your poor posture. 

Whether it’s chronic neck pain or fatigue, ATLAS has a solution for you. With experienced chiropractors unlocking your body’s natural restorative potential, the studio follows a four-step holistic approach to ensure your long-term health. At each session, you’ll find that ATLAS goes beyond surface-level symptoms to dive deep into the nervous system and provide you with tools to bring home and to your friends. 

ATLAS team. Courtesy of ATLAS. 

Humansa: Be the Best Version of Yourself 💥

Finally, after a long week at work, it’s time for a reset at Humansa. 

Humansa is leading the way to redefine health and wellness. It’s time to get away from your prescription-heavy traditional healthcare clinic and restart at Humansa. 

With state-of-the-art technology, the integrated health clinic is committed to offering you a 360° experience. From full body checks, to postnatal care, to personal training, Humansa’s services cover every step of the way. 

View of Humansa. Courtesy of Humansa. 

Whether you’re spending time on your phone, at the gym, office, or clinic, every minute can be an addition to your wellness. 2023 calls for a reboot – it’s time to drop the habit of putting yourself on the back burner and recenter your wellbeing. Remember, the better the self care, the better the business. 

If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to integrate wellness not only into your personal life, but your business, schedule a free consultation with us to learn more. 

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