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How Better Branding Creates Revenue Growth

by Mandy Pao

The most profitable businesses have one thing in common: they have strong branding.

What do we mean by “strong” brand? It means they have established themselves as leaders in their particular industries. Consumers perceive the brand’s customer service, product, logo and ads to be the best.

Since branding involves all these things, it’s difficult to measure, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t invest in it. According to Interbrand, “companies that focused on the importance of their brand over the past five years saw the value of their brands grow 2.4 times higher than those who didn’t.” For example, Starbucks made $5 USD an acceptable price for a cup of coffee in the early ‘90s. Their branding helped them sell coffee for a “premium” price that would’ve been outrageous for any other coffee company.

→ There are three ways to potentially make branding profitable:

  1. Increase your price as you strengthen your branding.
  1. Seek business referrals when you’ve strengthened your branding.
  1. Reposition your brand’s offerings to tap into your customers’ unmet needs.

Having a strong brand often gives you a steady stream of business. The more effort you put in building brand value, the greater the financial return. Once you have a strong brand, you’ll notice customers are more likely to buy more, pay more, and make quicker purchase decisions while telling others how great your products or services are. Finally, a good brand accelerates the sales cycle. If people know your brand, if they’ve seen or heard it somewhere before, they trust your brand quicker. 

If you’ve successfully established your brand, you’ll notice getting more sales, saving more time and gaining more revenue. 

→ Do You Have A Strong Brand? The Only Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Below is a list of essential items you will need for a compelling brand. 

  • Mission statement (your brand’s ultimate purpose)
  • Vision statement (your brand’s goals)
  • Brand values
  • Brand story
  • Tone-of-voice
  • Visual identity (logo, font, colors, photography, etc.)
  • Core USP (unique selling point)
  • A clear target audience
  • Brand guidelines
  • Optimized digital channels (website, social media, newsletter, etc.)
  • A centralized brand and marketing strategy

For branding, having these things is the bare minimum. How would you rate your branding?

If you feel your brand is lacking in certain areas, we can take a look and give you feedback.

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