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Nike and Tom Sachs’ Mission To Redefine Consumer Culture

by Mandy Pao

"It's not what you do, it's how you do it." — this is the campaign slogan for Nike and Tom Sachs’ newest release. The NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe, with its blue tabs, knitted uppers and inner padding, is a simple shoe with a simple message: do more, own less. They want you to own one pair of shoes that can be worn however or whatever you need them for, an all-purpose shoe that does nothing more than give you comfort and support. It serves as a reminder that your shoes should be an extension of who you are, not the other way around.

The NikeCraft General Purpose Show is more than just a shoe; it’s a story, your story. Made to be worn, it’s designed to be stained, torn and repaired. Each step you take is a different story for the GPS to tell.

Tom Sachs Is All About Showing Your Work ✨

“I got involved with Nike in the beginning because we wanted to make a sculpture that everyone could wear. It’s a tool for everyday life; it's democratic,”

says Sachs. 

The NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe is light grey and makes it difficult for a wearer not to mark them, but that’s what Nike and Tom Sachs want — they want you to know that what you do is more important than what you wear. "The GPS is a tool to be the best you,” says Sachs. “They have an understated quality. They’re meant to do all the things that you do and tell your story.” 

As an artist, Sachs is obsessed with showing one’s work. His artworks always show elements of human imperfections through deliberately raw and exposed materials, like screws and foam. He’ll often scribble words over his works or leave metal parts rusty. These details depict the handiwork left behind and reminds us that you can’t hide every mistake, and that sometimes mistakes are beautiful because they’re human.

In an age where mindless consumption is at an all-time high, Tom Sachs wants people to know that being you’re more important than what you’re wearing.

Nike and Tom Sachs’ Partnership Run A Decade 👟

Nike and Tom Sachs' partnership has been running for over a decade, yet every sneaker they've worked on until now has been sought by every sneaker lover. The shoe retails for $109.99 USD, but everyone knows they will be on the market for over $1,000 USD. The demand for Tom Sachs’ sneakers have been overwhelming despite Sachs’ efforts to democratize the shoes. From a branding perspective, the partnership is what every big label hopes for: a relationship that feels genuine to the consumer and therefore fosters brand loyalty and increased demand.

The Power Of Collaboration 🤝

Tom Sachs and Nike have something special in common: they both dream big and are capable of creating inspiring works of art. Their collaboration is a dream come true - they each bring to the table a special perspective and are then able to create more together than independently. The collaboration offers a simple yet profound reminder of how our lives are improved when we seek out diverse perspectives.

Quote 🔥

“A great collaboration is something that no partner could do without the other, and NikeCraft has always been a 50/50 collaboration.”

— Tom Sachs, artist


✨ Nike and Tom Sachs believe that what you do is more important than what you wear.

👟 Nike and Tom Sachs’ partnership has been running for over a decade and is a commitment to their shared work ethic.

🤝 Nike and Tom Sachs understand that collaboration allows you to create more together than independently.

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Featured Image by GQ.

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