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Pete Davidson's Personal "Branding," Dating As Strategy In Hollywood

by Charlie Zhang

Pete Davidson is generously covered in tattoos. His newest one, however, was not done by ink. Marked on his chest, the tattoo reads “Kim,” and was made by branding, like hot metal on flesh. While we don’t recommend anyone to brand themselves with hot metal, we do work with clients to raise their personal branding and profiles.

Personal branding in the last decade has become an increasingly popular concept. It's the idea that you can build a brand around yourself that is unique and defines you as a person, while also giving you an advantage in your career.

It used to be that only celebrities had personal branding, but these days, just about anyone can. Many have turned their personal brands into multi-million dollar enterprises.

The Many Forms Of Personal Branding and Collaboration  👩‍❤️‍👨

When it comes to personal branding, many people are doing it right. But few are doing it better than Pete Davidson's Kim Kardashian tattoo. The couple is clearly on a mission to prove that they have some serious marketing savvy.

Pete Davidson's branded tattoo of Kim Kardashian's name generated media buzz. Pete and Kim’s dating status has been used to bring attention to their own personal brands.

Pete’s latest tattoo and dating status seems to be just one part of an ongoing personal branding strategy that has landed him in the public eye. His current level of fame is partly due to the media attention he’s received as a result of his relationship with pop icon Ariana Grande.

The lesson here is that collaborations can come in many different forms. Use partnerships to help boost each other’s profiles.

Developing A Strong Personal Style 🤠

Pete Davidson isn't the only celebrity who has used tattoos as a marketing tool. In 2009, Rihanna got "Shhh..." tattooed on her index finger. She later released an album with the same title and continued to display the tattoo in press appearances and performances.

Pete Davidson's tattoos aren't just a way to expose his brand or send a message to the public — they're also an extension of his personality. It’s why he doesn’t regret getting them: "I like how they look, you know?”

Doing Something Different 🔥

The key to effective branding is to convey passion and doing something that stands out above what others have done. In this regard, Pete Davidson has succeeded. He demonstrates a unique perspective that is reflected in his comedy and his personal style.

His enthusiasm for Kim Kardashian is evident. And it has been reciprocated, as the two have gone public with their relationship on social media.

Pete Davidson's tattoo of Kim Kardashian's name demonstrates a commitment to his brand, which for him includes her.

Quote 😂

“An iron thing went onto Pete’s body to brand ‘KIM’...? Well… You are a brand when you think about it"

— Ellen DeGeneres


👩‍❤️‍👨 Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s dating status is a partnership of personal branding. Collaborate with others to raise both your personal brands.

🤠 Pete Davidson’s personal style, in his case tattoos, has strengthened his personal brand. Find something distinct about you and cultivate your personal style to stand out.

🔥 Sometimes, being different and doing things that others haven’t yet done helps you get noticed.

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