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Top 5 Pride Month Campaigns In 2022 To Give Your Support To

by Charlie Zhang

Pride Month is here, and it’s bigger than ever. This celebratory period isn't just a chance for companies to engage in some feel-good marketing. It’s a chance to acknowledge our LGBTQ+ allies. In the last few years, brands have come up with a multitude of fun ways to celebrate Pride Month. This year is no different, and brands are paying homage to the LGBTQ+ community.  From Lego to McDonald’s, here's how some brands have begun celebrating Pride in style.

Lego: The A-Z of Awesome ✨

Lego is using its own bricks to encourage more open conversations among families about sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. The “A-Z of Awesome” campaign will take the form of an alphabet out of Lego bricks that teach vocabulary, educate, and help build acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community through play. Lego expanded upon its Pride initiative last year with its inaugural set entitled Everyone Is Awesome.

Take a look at their ad above. 

Nike’s “Be True” Cortez 👟

Nike Cortez

Nike has added the Cortez in their 2022 “Be True” campaign for Pride Month this year. Known for its vibrant, unwavering silhouette and pop-friendly colors, Nike’s Cortez is one of the brand’s most emblematic sneakers — often known as a symbol of the California lifestyle. A new addition to the “Be True” line, this model has opted to support this year’s edition with bright blues, greens, yellows and pinks, all in full-grain leather. In a nod to LGBTQ+ history and culture, the tongue is embroidered with a rainbow-striped Swoosh logo that adds character to the design. Its iconic herringbone pattern adds a layer of textural depth too, contrasting with the shoe’s light beige base.

A release date has not been announced for this release but you can expect it to arrive sometime this June alongside the rest of the “Be True” collection.

GAY TIMES x Apple Music 🔊

GAY TIMES has announced a new collaboration with Apple Music that will see the publication curate and support emerging LGBTQ music talent. This is a significant partnership for the GAY TIMES and marks a step forward for the inclusion of LGBTQ+ community even more in the mainstream. The project will be supported by a wider GAY TIMES and Apple Music media campaign featuring next-generation queer talent such as Kim Petras, GIRLI, Vincint and ALMA. 

“The LGBTQ community has had a long relationship with music, using it both as a protest and a party. Many of the icons within our community are pop stars, and with Queer & Now we aim to unearth the role models of the future that will lead the way to greater LGBTQ representation and acceptance.”

— Lewis Corner, Chief Content Officer at GAY TIMES.

Celebrating this milestone, GAY TIMES and Apple Music will be revealing more artists in their lineup in the coming months.

McDonald’s “No Judgment” Campaign 🍟

In an effort to amplify queer voices, McDonald’s is releasing a wholesome ad titled “No Judgement” featuring members of the nation’s largest league for recreational sports, LA’s Varsity Gay League, and hosting two virtual events with LGBTQ+ media outlet RevryTV. In the company’s newest ad, "No judgement," players from the league enjoy chicken nuggets together after a game of kickball, during which they say, "Our friendships may have started on the field, but this is our happy place."

“No judgment” aired alongside House of Pride virtual celebration, where several performances by queer icons were present, including the House of Ebony and trans rights advocate, Angelica Ross, and queer singer/songwriter, Cassidy King.

Instagram: New Pride Month Stickers 🌈

Instagram launched a series of new features and tools to help you express your queer pride and allyship. From an emoji to use in reaction to posts, to a rainbow cascade of filters on stories, users can now honor and support the LGBTQ community with flair. You can now react to a post in a variety of new ways, including an option for a limited-edition LGBTQ pride flag to "express your pride."

Try it yourself! Better yet, try EQ’s new Instagram stickers.

In celebration of Pride Month, we created some colorful Instagram stickers that you can use and share with friends.

Here’s how you can use them:

1. When you share a photo or video to your story or record a reel, you can add stickers by tapping the square smiley icon at the top. 

2. Next, search for our sticker "@eqinternational"

3. Pick a sticker!

Quote 🔥

“There’s a surge of exciting queer artists releasing the best new music out there right now… With the support of a mainstream platform like Apple Music, it means we can help showcase this extraordinary queer talent to over 60 million [people] worldwide.”

— Lewis Corner, Chief Content Officer at GAY TIMES.

Takeaways 🌍

✨ Lego’s A-Z of Awesome campaign uses the language of play to educate consumers about LGBTQ+.

👟 Nike’s “Be True” Cortez was made to display colors of pride and offer representation for the LGBTQ+ community.

🔊 GAY TIMES and Apple Music’s collaboration marks a big step forward in the inclusion of LGBTQ+ community into the mainstream.

🍟 McDonald’s “No Judgement” campaign amplifies queer voices in a wholesome ad that focuses on establishing commonalities instead of differences.

🌈 Instagram’s new features allow users to react, engage and share Pride Month-themed stickers to show allyship to their fellow LGBTQ+ peers.

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