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Top Branding Instagram Accounts Every Creative Should Follow

by Gavin Yeung

Whether you’re making your first forays into branding or a seasoned creative professional, we all need that little jolt of inspiration from time to time to get our creative juices flowing. And where better to find that then the world’s largest repository of imagery on Instagram? Here’s our selection of the feeds that the EQ team is poring over, from individual creative minds to brands and beautifully curated moodboards. 

1. @jjjjound

Founded in 2006, JJJJound is the digital moodboard turned creative studio of Justin R. Saunders. Best described as a “color-coordinated visual stream of consciousness,” today JJJJound is a popular reference point for design professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its Instagram feed is an exploration of the key recurring themes in visually arresting design, an aesthetic which has translated into limited-edition collaborations with the likes of New Balance and Vans. 


American skincare brand Everyday Humans is a prime example of youth-oriented branding done right. The packaging is unpretentious, vibrant, and makes use of sleek modern typography and witty copy. The brand identity, packaging system, website and launch campaign were created in-house with a network of collaborators around the globe. A robust design system bolsters the brand’s core tenet of inclusivity, while able to visually appeal both physically and virtually.

3. @awwwards

Awwwards states its mission as recognising and promoting the “talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world”. Serving as a platform for the talent and hard work of web designers, developers and agencies, its Instagram feed is a treasure trove of examples of unique digital experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive and beautiful. Its awardees are chosen by a jury of 50 renowned web design and development experts from around the world.

4. @c__l__o

Art director Lauren Faye selects hauntingly beautiful imagery from fashion designers, editorials, film, art and more. Among her one million followers are the likes of fashion bloggers Susiebubble and Milan-based designer Virgil Abloh, elevating what began as a then-21-year-old art and design student’s moodboard into a cultural barometer. Faye’s criteria for selecting images is if they "trigger something in me"—and it seems like her followers agree too. Today, she runs her own creative studio, and continues to post regularly to the account.

5. @designeverywhere_

Boasting a quarter of a million followers, Design Everywhere is a moodboard focused on showcasing carefully selected graphic design works and beyond around the world. These daily doses of visual inspirations are collected by Singapore-based graphic designer Preston Tham. Offering an intriguing snapshot of the latest trends in graphic design, Tham’s curation is also surprisingly democratic, taking submissions from burgeoning creatives worldwide.

6. @lavendr.type

Those needing some typographical inspiration need look no further than this Instagram, which gathers the best in type design on the internet. Whether you’re seeking a title font for a wordmark, or out-of-the-box ways of laying out a poster, prepare to have your assumptions of the printed word challenged.

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