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Use This Facebook Ad Strategy To Drive You More Sales

by Mandy Pao

How many of the people who visit your eCommerce store make a purchase? How often do you think about ways to increase your online sales? If you've decided that this is what matters most to you, then you're in the right place. 

In this article, we'll go over a must-use Facebook ad strategy that you can implement to increase sales and revenue for your eCommerce business. 

Reach more customers and convert more of them into paying customers by using Facebook ads. This guide has been made to give you a top-level view of your overall strategy so you’ll know the purpose behind every tactical decision you make.

To help you nail that goal, here's a strategy model to guide you on your way to success.

Brand Awareness Is Always The First Step 🌍

Facebook ads are a great way for eCommerce businesses to develop brand recognition, convert shoppers into buyers and boost their bottom line. Before you even think about getting your customers to buy from you, they must know your brand. This is done with a campaign that is focused on driving brand awareness: getting people to know and recognize your brand. How? Create content that focuses more on highlighting your brand as opposed to selling your product. This means, logos should be visible and USPs should be emphasized. If possible, create video content and show the logo in the first few seconds of the ad.

For an overview of how this stage helps bring people closer to purchasing your product, we’ve created a simplified diagram of the whole sales funnel. Take a look below:

Getting Customers To Consider You 🤔

Effective Facebook ads require you to target your ideal audience and build trust in your brand. The consideration phase of the strategy is when you build trust with your customers. Do this by creating content that provides social proof. Sometimes this can be as simple as using user-generated content. Sometimes, it can be done by partnering with an influencer. Essentially, your customers want to know that it isn’t just you who's saying the products are good. They need others to confirm that your product is worth their money. It’s how you convince them that they should buy your brand instead of anyone else’s.

If you want to know exactly who your customers are and how they behave online, you can use the following tools.

  1. Facebook Pixel — a Facebook integration that tracks how users engage with your website.
  2. Hotjar — a heatmap tool that displays where on your website your customers are clicking, how they’re scrolling and what they’re hovering over.
  3. Google Analytics — a database for observing website traffic and digital engagement.

This Is When Customers Really Want To Buy From You 🔥

In this stage of the strategy, you can be as aggressive as possible in selling your products. Why? Because by this phase, they know your brand. They’re highly interested, and they’ve seen that other people are buying and using your products too. In this stage, you want your products to appear everywhere. You want your ads to follow your customers everywhere they go until they’re 100% convinced they won’t find anything better. Make sure you create a diverse range of content to limit fatigue. Test out different CTAs, headlines, descriptions and images. Continue refining your ad until you get it fully optimized.

Remarketing: Remind People Why Your Brand Is The Best 🙌

If they’ve engaged once, they’ll probably engage again. Target customers who engaged with your brand but haven’t bought from you yet. Remind them why your brand is the best and why if they’ll miss out if they don’t act quickly. Offer them a discount to tip them over the edge of the buyer’s decision. 

Quote ✨

“87% of consumers choose to do business with companies that provide valuable content at all stages of the customer journey.”

— Ezra Firestone

Takeaways ✍️

🌍The very first stage of your ad strategy should be centered around brand awareness, getting people to know about your brand 

🙌Before you expect anyone to buy your product, make sure you show them how other people are buying and using your products — social proof 

🔥 When customers are ready to buy your products, be direct and aggressive with your promotions 

💸 Remind those who’ve engaged with your brand but haven’t bought yet, why your brand is the best there is

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