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Transforming a chiropractic clinic into a go-to lifestyle studio with our creative branding and insider know-how.
Project Brief Atlas is a modern chiropractic studio that opened in 2018 in the heart of Central, with the aim of increasing overall health and wellbeing for all. Their chiropractic care focuses on optimising your wellbeing in every aspect of your life, rather than simply stepping in as a last-resort provider of pain relief.


Brand Strategy

Market Insights

Art Direction

+ Graphic Design

+ Packaging Design


Despite inconsistent branding, the business philosophy provided a great foundation to build from. As a newer company, Atlas’ brand values needed polishing into a concise brand mission. With this in mind, we saw the need to differentiate Atlas to cut through the noise. The challenge was in building a strong cohesive strategy, growing existing marketing channels and uniting these through consistent messaging and concentrated audience targeting. 


Creative Strategy

We worked with Adam Studios to identify the target customers, we shaped a groundbreaking look for Atlas that was inspired by new creative and wellness culture that intersected with lifestyle trends. Eloquence strategically selected the colors, fonts, designed uniforms, business cards, and carved out a distinct tone of voice. We presented these in the Atlas brandbook — a thorough set of guidelines with Adam Studios to build the brand identity and to ensure smooth branding implementation that endures.


We distilled Atlas’ philosophy of wellness and holistic wellbeing through the concepts of ‘form’, ‘progress’, and ‘system’, before aligning it with a streetwear aesthetic that is at once contemporary, upbeat and situated at the forefront of modern wellness culture. This allowed them to connect with younger fitness and health enthusiasts the brand caters to.

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“Even though it might not seem like a priority right now for you and your business, don't underestimate how powerful branding can be. From growing and positioning your business to controlling how you want to be seen, branding equates with increased professionalism in the eyes of your clients and consumers.”
Dr. Ben Dyer
Founder, Atlas Chiropractic

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