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Internationally recognized Hong Kong artist makes global headlines


Internationally recognised Hong Kong artist makes global headlines
British-born, Hong Kong-based artist Simon Birch came to Eloquence to develop a marketing strategy for media relations in Hong Kong in the build-up to his art exhibition, The 14th Factory. As an internationally celebrated painter, Birch is recognised for his works featuring kinetic movement that explore the human figure, and immersive art installations that blur the lines between traditional art practices. The 14th Factory was a large-scale art project by Birch which took place in a 150,000-square-foot industrial warehouse on the outskirts of Los Angeles. The event was featured in 1,957 news placements in publications like NPR, BBC, Vice and LA Times, totalling millions of dollars in media exposure and achieving a global level of resonance in popular culture.



When it came to the launch, Birch sought an agency that could realise his vision and provide global exposure. As a prominent artist based in Hong Kong, Birch naturally assumed the role of a representative of the city’s art scene, so it was important to effectively spread his message with due diligence in regard to how it would be perceived both at home and abroad.


Creative Strategy

Eloquence took an innovative approach towards the campaign, utilising trend analyses to cater the press materials to a global audience. Backed by our extensive network and close relationships with lifestyle media in Hong Kong, we facilitated interviews between Birch and specific media outlets such as #Legend, which were selected for their sophisticated readership. By carefully honing the coverage in Hong Kong and regional media, buzz surrounding the event quickly spread to an international context, driving the message of The 14th Factory as a distinct, experiential pop-up event that was not to be missed. 


Mentions of the event across social media channels quickly snowballed. In its first month, the project gained a total reach of over 262 million impressions, while 65,000 visitors were registered over a four-month span, including the likes of Jared Leto, Usher, and From the success of the event, Birch gained over 45,000 followers on Instagram, secured new strategic collaborators in the art community, and transformed his project into a roaming exhibition that will continue to take the world’s art scene by storm.

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“Mandy who leads Eloquence is just one of the loveliest, most considerate, and hardest working people I know. Professionally and personally a pleasure to be around. A committed and loyal person with a great work ethic and a good heart.”
Simon Birch
Founder & International Artist, The 14th Factory

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