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Kicking off an international #PepsiChallenge campaign to shine light on social change attracts significant press coverage from Vogue China


Kicking off an international #PepsiChallenge campaign to shine light on social change attracts significant press coverage from Vogue China
Under the #PepsiChallenge banner, Pepsico launched a series of exclusive art installations in partnership with Liter of Light organisation – which promises to bring cost-effective solar lighting to communities in need. As an example of the intertwining of art, fashion and responsible social change, the ‘Ignite the Light’ tour was due to kick off in Hong Kong at PMQ with the stunning ‘Ao Dress’ at the heart of it, designed by fashion designer Nicola Formichetti and crafted using lit-up Pepsi bottles.



Pepsico needed a trusted on-the-ground expert to effectively communicate their message – a campaign to bring people out of darkness. Although Pepsico is a major international brand, they were missing the key Hong Kong media relationships needed to generate exposure for the event. Pepsico sought a local expert with the right balance of storytelling experience, immersive marketing techniques and an ally of positive social change, which they found in Eloquence.

Creative Strategy

We developed a coherent campaign that brought together magazine, newspaper, radio and TV stalwarts to ensure a huge turnout. By using a holistic approach to strategic planning, we translated the client’s goals, values and concerns into a defined scope and target audience. We then began building media relationships on their behalf, inviting the press to visit the event location and organising guest interviews. By thinking outside the box, we weaved together offline and online opportunities for greater impact, in the process fulfilling Pepsico’s business goals of reaching the desired demographics in Hong Kong.


Although the campaign kicked off without an on-the-ground foothold, with Eloquence’s strategic planning the event was able to amass significant press coverage in anticipation of the art installation event. We garnered coverage from the likes of Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar, Billionaire Magazine, Lifestyle Asia and Marketing Interactive, opening the program to high levels of community engagement. In particular, Pepsico saw spikes in the number of the #PepsiChallenge hashtags used, especially across Instagram where they were looking to build a wider fanbase, while the event venue of PMQ welcomed key supporters who helped in spreading the word of Pepsico’s commitment to impactful change.

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