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Conscious Material Library for the New Age


Material Library for the New Age
Earth Element is the newest arm of a traditional, family-owned manufacturer and distributor of construction materials, created expressly to distribute Jesmonite, a material suitable for a wide range of purposes, from art and education to interior design and construction. Given the rich potential with this material, founder Benny Iu needed a creative and branding expert that could create a brand to carry Jesmonite into as many different spheres of creative expression as possible.



The construction industry is traditionally a conservative industry and is slow to adapt to trends. As its Founder Benny’s vision for Earth Element sought to reconcile the practical considerations of the construction industry with the creative tendencies of the interior design and architectural professions, EQ was tasked with creating a brand strategy that could fully encompass the diverse aspirations of Earth Element in a novel and exciting way that could appeal to a wide range of customers while remaining true to Benny’s values of mindfulness and respect for nature.


Creative Strategy

Beginning with the aforementioned core values, we began to build a brand identity that hewed closely to a rustic and earthen aesthetic which was heavily influenced by the relationship between Mesoamerican and Native American cultures and their land. This easily communicated Earth Element’s focus on environmental sustainability and the spirituality of the creative pursuit, resulting in a compelling brand that is different to anything else on the market. Outside of the interior design and construction industries, our focus on supplying materials for artistic and educational purposes also led to the decision to open an experiential showroom that could also function as a community space in hosting art exhibitions and educational workshops for the general public.


Our visual strategy sought to counter the staid culture within the construction industry and push the boundaries of the materials sourcing experience by adopting a visual approach that is not only beautiful, but carries an element of ”playfulness”. This encompassed warm pastels, characterful typefaces like Classico and HK Gothic, and bespoke illustrations to animate the brand with a sense of liveliness. By doing so, we encouraged clients to interact with, and understand the stories behind each material.

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"EQ has brought in a system and helped me refine my ideas. By asking the right questions, they've helped guide me to what my objectives are and how to achieve them."
Benny Iu
Earth Element Conscious Materials

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