Canton Bloom

Brand Identity, Verbal Identity, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging, Styling, Photography, Videography, Creative Writing, Communications Strategy, Public & Media Relations, Event
A full service creative branding and marketing campaign for a high-end tea brand, linking the journey from leaf to cup through heartfelt stories


A full service creative branding and marketing campaign for a high-end tea brand, linking the journey from leaf to cup through heartfelt stories
o realise their vision of creating a fine tea brand for busy Hongkongers, co-owners Hugo Tse and Vikki Cheung partnered with Eloquence for a full package of creative branding, strategy and planning, with plenty of free reign to turn their idea into an exceptional brand.


  • Content Development 
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Collaboration 
  • Public and Media Relations 
  • Event Management 


At the beginning, Canton Bloom did not have a clear goal for how to communicate correctly with their audience. Eloquence identified the challenge as defining the messaging of the brand, devising a marketing strategy, and creating the content tailored to this focus.


Creative Strategy

With our guidance, Canton Bloom elucidated clear consumer goals and market positioning to target a bona fide audience. We began with a consultation to assess the brand’s core values, and used the findings to make strides towards the brand’s goals. After carving out a proposition for a premium tea brand for quiet moments, we decided on a tone of voice that is modern, calm, conscious and relaxing. Crafting a targeted segment for the brand then allowed Canton Bloom to focus its message in a clearer way for the modern consumer seeking to make the most of their downtime.

Calming colours inspired by the aromas of tea informed the packaging design, affirming the value of its contents. Business cards for the founders were created with a touch of gold to highlight the delectable nature of the brand.To capture the raw beauty of Canton Bloom’s farming and drying processes, we filmed a brand DNA video on location at its tea plantation in Nantou, Taiwan. The Eloquence team responsible for directing the writing style, artistic direction, brand strategy, photography and videography. The finished product illustrated the care and quality that went into producing the tea, highlighting to the consumer the brand’s dedication to creating a product that is second to none.


With an awareness of the way in which the social media and digital marketing landscape is fast evolving, we formulated a digital social strategy for Canton Bloom that considered the Hong Kong online ecosystem, with high-quality SEO friendly content and developing profiles that shape into brand community.

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