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Reorienting an outdoor label’s newest creative campaign towards a generation that is coming to age in a time of upheaval.


Reorienting an outdoor label’s newest creative campaign towards a generation that is coming to age in a time of upheaval.
Tatras is an outdoor clothing brand specialising in goose down garments that was founded in 2006 in Japan, drawing on Italian expertise to create cutting-edge designs that deliver in terms of quality and style. Tatras’ brand identity lies in transmitting a feeling of freedom and dynamism that goes with all those who think themselves as citizens of the world.



We partnered with Tatras to create visual assets for its Fall/Winter 2020 campaign, specifically gearing the aesthetic towards a younger, more dynamic consumer belonging to the millennial and Gen Z demographics. Given the socio-economic trends of the current moment, we felt it was important to integrate some form of social awareness into the overarching concept, translating it into an engaging and authentic mood to elicit an emotional connection to the brand.


Creative Strategy

Taking the effects of coronavirus and the sense of instability that it has engendered, we circled back to the concept of ‘CREW’ – the core group of friends in each person’s life who remain through thick and thin. To appeal to the heightened awareness of millennials and Gen Z towards diversity and brand authenticity, we sought to highlight the genderless, boundary-breaking aesthetic of the collection.


We conceived of the creative direction for the photoshoot along three lines of thinking. Childhood nostalgia informed our focus on motifs that relate to the restorative pursuit of play, from improvised playground games to kite-flying. To channel the next generation’s experiences coming of age in a world where the internet has helped transcend boundaries between borders and cultures, we underlined the emergence of a global village by casting models of color who represent a new era of vibrant cultural diversity. And lastly, in order to convey the multiplicity of emotion harnessed by millennials and Gen Z, we utilised visual tools such as strobe and spot lighting, as well as choreographed group poses for the models to a feeling of togetherness.

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