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Auspicious Jewels for a Chinese Diaspora


Auspicious Jewels for a Chinese Diaspora
Fine jewellery brand Qeelin takes inspiration from symbols of strength and luck in Chinese culture, updating them with a chic and modern, playful twist. Founded in 2004, the brand became an instant hit after actress Maggie Cheung wore the debut Wulu collection at the Cannes Film Festival. Qeelin continues to dazzle on the red carpet, adding new ranges and collections, opening its first store in Paris in 2009 and continuing with boutiques around the world catering to a sophisticated Chinese diaspora. In 2012, Qeelin joined the luxury group Kering, which owns the likes of Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga.


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Qeelin brought Eloquence on board to convey its brand DNA using a creative and modern approach. As an internationally renowned brand, Qeelin required top-quality social media content support to tantalise its audiences old and new.

Creative Strategy

As specialists in creative copywriting, we acted on Qeelin’s behalf as a long-term partner to ensure their social media communications are consistently compelling. Through monthly scheduling, Eloquence advises on best practices for online social media, exploring the hashtags and keeping a close eye on current trends to offer a strategic writing angle, ensuring the Qeelin social media tone and style remains bold and contemporary – much like its designs. 


Through regular meetings, we engaged with the Qeelin marketing team to prepare social media copy for their upcoming collections. We created robust campaigns that educate consumers about the different collections and provide insider tips, quotes, and announcements about the brand in a consistent manner. Directing the tone and style for campaigns, Eloquence combined photoshoot imagery with creative writing to elevate the brand across their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube presences. With our social media handbook, we provided tone and style guidelines to ensure consistency of output. Eloquence also suggested social media topics and phrases that enhance the products by paying close attention to the trend cycles and the ways in which they can affect a brand’s appearance.

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“I am lucky to work with Eloquence, as they always think from the brand's perspective and give helpful advice to make things perfect. Would highly recommend the Eloquence team!”
Florence Chan
Corporate Communications Manager, Qeelin

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