A New Identity


EQRUM's New Identity
EQRUM first approached EQ for help in visual content, but realized after the early consultation period it lacked a foundational identity and personality leading to a misdirected strategy.


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To solve this core issue, EQRUM and EQ sat down for a series of intensive branding workshops where we identified major loose ends and rectified them with key strategies.

By redefining EQRUM’s core DNA, EQ helped create an engaging brand position that would allow EQRUM to grow beyond just visuals. From recreating the brand’s mission statement, to developing its typography and tone-of-voice, EQ has taken a 360-approach that livens up the brand’s identity across all available touchpoints. EQ helped build a strong foundation that allows EQRUM to tell a compelling story thereby connecting better with customers and community.


EQRUM is a Hong Kong-based brand designing all-encompassing daily athleisure with the top fabric mills in Italy. The brand’s ethos is ingrained in balance and consistency, creating premium athleisure to facilitate people’s active lifestyle. A core mission to enable women to be active and find life-balance, EQRUM is premium athleisure helping women reconnect with their inner selves and the things that drive them forward.


EQ set out to create a typeface that would communicate the EQRUM brand as young, sleek, functional and modern. Two font styles were created. The first was a serif font designed to convey sophistication, balance, openness, freedom, youth, progressiveness and community. The other was a Scandinavian-inspired sans-serif typeface that felt modern, assertive, active and bold. Having these two contrasting typefaces were important in creating a brand identity that felt balanced.


EQRUM’s brand colors were selected to convey balance, openness, freedoom, youth, progressiveness and community. As a whole, the color palettes give the brand a personality that is at once deep and mischievous, fast and slow, calm and competitive, emphasizing the core DNA of EQRUM which is the pursuit of equilibrium.

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